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While browsing through my website, you’ll discover my work as a composer - about 50 original compositions played, and even recorded by excellent international soloists such as Yves Bauer, Matyas Veer, Carl Lenthe, Gerry Pagano ... , and prestigious orchestras : the Rundfunk Blasorchester of Leipzig, Passion Bf Bourgogne, the Batterie-Fanfare de la Gendarmerie Mobile, the Royal Band of the Belgian Guides... Many of these works are regularly featured in the programs of American Universities : University of Michigan, University of Indiana ...


Here are direct links to each section of the "Composition" menu where you’ll find, along with a brief description of each piece, links towards editors' websites and recordings or videos when available :


- chamber music and ensembles : woodwindsbrasspercussions


brass bands

pieces with soloists


Some of these pieces have not been recorded yet : don’t hesitate to send me your recordings or videos !


Feel free to contact me for any question ! If you’re programming my music on an event, I would be more than happy to share the day and venue on the « agenda » section of this website.


Looking forward to hearing your version of my pieces ! Enjoy your visit !